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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to your Facebook Buying Exam Practice Questions

    • Welcome To Our Facebook Blueprint Exam Practice Questions!

    • What will you find in the practice questions?

    • Our Facebook Private Group

  • 2

    Explain fundamentals of Facebook buying

    • Facebook Campaign Questions

  • 3

    Align Facebook Campaigns to Business Goals

    • Facebook Buying Options Questions

    • Facebook Reach and Frequency Questions

    • Facebook Auction Questions

  • 4

    Given a scenario, determine when and how to use the Facebook pixel, SDK, and Offline Conversions

    • Offline Events

    • Facebook Pixel

    • SDK

  • 5

    Given a scenario, determine target audience

    • Facebook Audiences

    • Facebook Audiences - Additional Questions

  • 6

    Given a scenario, determine the appropriate measurement method and/or reporting platform based on the business goal

    • Campaign Placement Optimization

  • 7

    Given a scenario, choose the appropriate campaign setup

    • Facebook Campaign Set Up

    • Facebook Bidding

    • Additional Resources for this Lesson

  • 8

    Given a scenario, determine appropriate ad format and if creative aligns with creative considerations

    • Facebook Video

  • 9

    Adhere to Facebook policies

    • Brand Safety

    • Privacy & Branding

    • Security and Safety

  • 10

    Articulate the capabilities of Business Manager

    • Business Manager

    • Billing and Payments

    • Budgets

    • Additional Resources: Business Manager

    • New Pages Experience

  • 11

    Given a scenario, analyze campaign performance to determine optimization opportunities

    • Troubleshooting Campaigns

  • 12

    Apply available options when building ad reports

    • Facebook Reporting

  • 13

    Given a scenario, analyze measurement study reports

    • Facebook Attribution

    • Brand Lift

  • 14

    Test and Learn

    • Facebook Measurement

  • 15

    Given a scenario, determine how to adjust future campaigns based on campaign results

    • Return On Ad Spend - ROAS

  • 16

    Case Study Practice Questions: Consumer Tech Company

    • Case Study Introduction

    • Case Study Questions: Consumer Tech Company

  • 17

    Case Study Practice Question: Retail Fashion Brand

    • Case Study Questions: Retail Fashion Brand

  • 18

    Case Study Practice Question: In-Store and Online Retailer Audiences

    • Case Study: In-Store and Online Retailer Audiences

  • 19

    Finishing your Practice Questions

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  • 20


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Thanks GOD this exist !!

carlos montoya

I have been following Diego's work for quite some time, he is always delivering value bombs for free on social media. The value of this 100 questions is beyo...

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I have been following Diego's work for quite some time, he is always delivering value bombs for free on social media. The value of this 100 questions is beyond what you actually paid for it. Highly recommended. Carlos Montoya

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Thank you Diego !

Majd Al Jayyousi

I find it kind of wraps all the conepts in real situations, it does not only cover the topics .. It enables you to comprehend it in terms of when to use what...

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I find it kind of wraps all the conepts in real situations, it does not only cover the topics .. It enables you to comprehend it in terms of when to use what .. I feel I am much confident now after going through all the sample questions and the case studies .. Will have a quick revision and will be good to book an exam date Thank you, will keep you posted on my results :).

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Very helpful

vlad cerisier

Excellent material

Excellent material

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I’m a growth marketer, Facebook marketing expert, and founder of Markeko blog. We have a community of +22,000 marketers now :)I want to help you pass the Facebook Blueprint Certification exams. I was previous partner at a digital marketing agency with +30 employees that helped +75 real estate projects do millions in sales. At Conversion I also helped build and prepare digital managers of the future for developing countries (Latam market). I’ve trained +500 managers and have focused on helping large customers understand how to leverage digital marketing to increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the questions the same as the ones in the exam?

  • The questions have been developed based on the type of questions you get in the real exam but none have been taken for real tests. All questions have been developed by our team.

What type of questions are included in the sample questions?

  • Both technical and case based questions. I've included questions that are more technical based so that you know the basics for each topic. I've also include case-based questions that will be easier to answer once you have the fundamentals.

Will I be guaranteed to pass the Buying Certification by taking this practice test?

  • We CAN'T guarantee you will pass the exam. What we can assure you is that you will be much better prepared and confident before you take the test.

How many questions do I get?

  • You will get +150 questions with explanations to go over topics so that you understand how to answer questions.

What additional support will I get?

  • You will have access to a private group and myself if you have additional questions or need more help.

How many times can I take the questions?

  • As many times as you want. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the questions and check for the correct answers.

What exam are the questions for?

  • The questions are primarily for the 410-101 Facebook Certified Media Buying Exam and focused on this exam specifically.

Have people used the questions before?

  • You can join our Facebook group for find more testimonials and get additional help from our +16,000 community

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